About Us

About Us

NEW GREEN HILL CONVENT SCHOOL is serving Agwanpur since 1998. It was set up by J.R. EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL SOCIETY for the welfare of children of Agwanpur. It all started from one room in the hope of becoming bigger. We believe in teaching with enjoyment and learning should be meaningful. For children to enjoy learning it is necessary that teachers should enjoy their work -which is teaching-learning and all the concomitant activities that go with it. This brings us to a significant difference in the light in which we see the teacher's role from the commonly held one. When we speak of the teacher as a facilitator we are, in my opinion, trivializing the role of the teacher.

The teacher is a leader and a guide opening the doors of perception for the children as it were. The inspirational role of the teacher is crucial to the transactions between the student and the teacher and cannot be ignored. It is the reason why children remember their teachers long after they have left school. Our effort therefore is directed to removing this dichotomy and restoring to the teacher his or her rightful place. Our purpose is to train leaders our country. Our never ending belief in our students and faculty has led us to be recognized as one of the highest quality schools in academia. At our school, students flourish in a kind and supportive environment. We focus on structuring proper class sizes and a curriculum that is both individualized while meeting if not exceeding accredited standards. Our teachers help students to reach their ultimate academic potential and succeed in achieving their goals.Our school

Mission & Vision

The evolution of education is recognized at NGHC School. That is why it is our duty to equip your child with the best of everything. We wish to provide your child the tools he/she needs to become tomorrow’s flag-bearers. Our goal is to create a truly healthy learning environment. We provide a safe environment for your child to develop at all levels of technological growth.

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